Ideas & Education

The foundation of your online success. A selection of ideas to inspire you, with the tools to get you there.

  • Micro SaaS Idea – Newsletter for techies and marketers looking for their next profitable Micro SaaS idea
  • Starter Story – Learn how people are starting successful businesses
  • Visualize Value – The operating system for value creators
  • Justin Welsh – Building a diversified portfolio of internet income
  • Small Bets – Cohort course and community to learn how to build a portfolio of small bets

Start a Newsletter

To grow your audience, upsell and reuse existing content in a quick and digestible format.

  • Substack – Substack lets independent writers and podcasters publish directly to their audience and get paid through subscriptions
  • Revue – Revue makes it easy for writers and publishers to send editorial newsletters — and get paid
  • Newsletter Launchpad – Lessons, tips, and examples to grow a consistent newsletter habit

Start Blogging

To own a piece of the internet that your audience can bookmark and refer to forever.

  • – Create a place for your business, your interests, or anything else, with the open-source platform that powers the web
  • – The world’s most popular website builder
  • Siteground – Ultrafast and secure web hosting for your business
  • Cloudways – Managed cloud hosting platform simplified
  • WPX – Fast & reliable WordPress hosting
  • Ghost – powerful app for new-media creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content

Write an eBook

To share all of your learnings in long-form content and benefit from making sales even when you’re sleeping.

Create a Course

Teaching meaningful information in an interactive format where overtime, you’ll build an audience of like-minded peers, and grow revenue even when not working.

Launch a Shop

If you have a tangible or digital product that your audience is in need of, start selling by making these platforms work for you.

  • Shopify – No.1 eCommerce platform for all businesses.
  • WooCommerce – Customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress
  • Etsy – Creative marketplace with millions of shoppers purchasing directly from creative entrepreneurs

Build an Audience

Understand how an audience can be built, nurtured and utilized to make your projects relevant, valuable and adored.

Buy an Existing Asset

Sometimes buying an existing online business is easier. You just need to figure out the growth strategy and the motivation to make it big.

Track Trends

Nothing like being on trends when building online, track them and make them work for you and your dreams

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