“Dream it. Do It. Make it.” – Kamphey, Google Sheets wizard

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1. How and when did you make your first dollar online?

I don’t remember my 1st dollar. I mean I made cash/money from growing Instagram and Twitter accounts, maybe that’s my first “online dollar”.

I sold growth services to my friends, they saw me growing my Twitter and I showed them how then they asked if I could do it for them.

I did it for like $50 a month. Kept getting more friends who wanted it done. They sent me Paypal I think.

2. How long did it take between the idea and this first dollar?

I started growing my Twitter, grew 25k in 3 months then my friends started asking. So not really an idea.

3. What best actionable advice would you give someone who wants to start TODAY?

Find people who need something and get it to them. Most people want more traffic, more sales, more customers, more users, more time. Figure out how to get it to them. Do something for them. Maybe even do something they already do, for them.

4. What resources would you recommend to a beginner?

Umm, beginners…

Resources for what? There are so many…

Loom, I guess.

5. Who would you recommend to follow?

I would recommend following your dreams. 🙂

Dream it. Do It. Make it.

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