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1. How and when did you make your first dollar online?

I create the remote job board I would have liked to have when I was first starting out 🙂 and got my first 10 dollars with my premium newsletter!

2. How long did it take between the idea and this first dollar?

Well, I started with the newsletter in January but the re-branding on the site only took less than a week! (I did have a huge email list by then +3k) so I guess a total of 10 months.

3. What best actionable advice would you give to someone who wants to start TODAY?

To keep going haha. I think I’m still trying to learn that.

4. What resources would you recommend to a beginner?

I use Airtable, Canva, Softr, and MailerLite; No coding experience!

5. Who would you recommend to follow?

Alex Friedman, she’s great!

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Curating cool places around the 🌍

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