Enda Mac Nally, freelance creative: “Start with the goal of $1.”

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1. How and when did you make your first dollar online?

I started a (short-lived) e-commerce brand called ‘Hipster Birds’. When I actually sold my first t-shirt, I couldn’t believe it. Someone had purchased this stupid thing I made. For all I know, they still wear it.

I realized soon after I built the website, product designs, etc, I realized generating traffic was tough, and all the advice I had been given about ‘picking a narrow niche‘ was correct after all.

2. How long does it take between the idea and this first dollar?

Too long!!! Probably a few months all told.

3. What best actionable advice would you give to someone who wants to start TODAY?

Give yourself a strict window of time to earn dollar #1. Start with the goal of $1, not a million. Try to earn it with the simplest tools, free tools if possible.

Finally, you need to learn that perfectionism is procrastination.

Make something, promote it, and people will tell you if it’s of value to their wallet.

4. What resources would you recommend to a beginner?

Carrd, Google Forms, Sendfox, Gumroad, Figma.

5. Who would you recommend to follow?

Noah Kagan, Daniel Vassallo, Naval.

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Creative Problem-Solver @ enda.co
Currently working on freelancecourse.cc

Enda Mac Nally, freelance creative

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