Christine Trac, copywriter: “Don’t overthink.”

I wrote a drunk email. Now I’m a copywriter.

1. How and when did you make your first dollar online?

I earned my first dollar online when someone signed up for my online fitness coaching service back in August 2020. I had written a sales page for my online coaching service on my website. Out of the blue, someone on the internet decided to sign up after reading my sales page.

This also sparked my interest in copywriting and how I can persuade people with words. Funny enough, this then lead me to changing careers in December 2020 where I went from strength coach to copywriter.

2. How long does it take between the idea and this first dollar?

Hmm. Great question!

For several years, I dreamed about working completely online as a fitness coach. I attempted to build my online coaching business 3x and failed every time.

In my third attempt, I hired a fitness business mentor in May 2020. I consistently wrote 1000+ word fitness blogs every week. August 2020 (the story above) was when I made my first dollar online and the client hired me to coach them.

3. What best actionable advice would you give to someone who wants to start TODAY?

Don’t overthink.

I would spend so much time perfecting everything that I would self-sabotage and cancel my product or service idea.

The next time I have a product idea, I’m gonna stick to my deadline and launch. I would rather learn from my mistakes and failures then reflect and ask myself, “what if?”.

I hope you do the same and take action instead of looking back with regrets. Good luck! If you need help with anything (especially email marketing), feel free to message me.

4. Any recommendations?

I’d say Kevon from Build in Public Mastery.

I’ve also heard great things about Small Bets!

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I wrote a drunk email. Now I’m a copywriter.
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